Check some of our best products

Shrewsbury biscuit

Our speciality product made from a close combination of pure butter, milk and flour baked until golden brown to appeal to those taste buds.

Coconut macaroon

Our speciality product with the best sourced desiccated coconut with milk, crafted for the perfect dessert snack.

Jeera biscuits

Fresh cumin seeds baked with sugar and butter to produce this sweet savoury biscuit.

Kesar pista

Our speciality product involving careful blend of kesar and pistachio to create the softest and most delicious biscuit.

Pure Ghee Atta Biscuits

Desi ghee atta and a careful pinch of Cardomum to give you this old home recipe of atta biscuits. The perfect companion to any evening tea or coffee.


Our savoury cumin and butter biscuits to perfectly compliment your evening tea.

Tutti fruity

Soft and handcrafted biscuits glazed with a childhoods favourite memory, tutti fruity.

Butter finger

Pure butter mixed with fine ground sugar and baked to a golden brown to give you a sugary crush in every bite.

Chocochip cookies

For chocolate lovers all over, with the best sourced cocoa and Belgian chocolate, it promises to have you wanting for more.

Plain Nankhatai

This light and soft biscuit made from finely whisking sugar and butter to create a biscuit which melts In your mouth.

Peanut cookies

Freshly roasted peanut infused along with a soft biscuit layer to give you the perfect peanut lover cookie.

Badam coconut

Freshly desiccated coconut and roasted almonds creates this magnificent combination of a biscuit.

Sugar palmiers

Our version of french hearts, crispy and buttery layered with sugar to make the perfect snack.


Freshly ground pistachio dressed on a delicious biscuit and baked to perfection.